Friday, April 27, 2012

Snowbirds Day Two

First an update on how the embracing of my gray hair is going...

Almost there. With the next cut, I'll be all gray.

Overall, I'm liking this very short cut and I'm enjoying the gray hair too. Of course, as you can see, there is still residual from previous coloring showing. With another cut in a month or so, I should be all gray.

Next, I have to take charge of eating more healthily and regular exercise. Both have gotten out of control over the previous months. How had the simple life of a park volunteer become so complicated as to remove me from taking good care of me and us?

Today is day two of our new snowbird lifestyle. It does not yet feel real or normal! I know I've not fully registered what it means!

Over lunch yesterday in Half Moon Bay, John and I began to talk about what's important to us as we engage in this new way of life. We have lots to sort through yet.

John and Gingee waiting for lunch to arrive yesterday in Half Moon Bay.

We arrived at Bodega Bay in Sonoma County California late afternoon yesterday. We'll camp here for several days before continuing our rv adventure north towards British Columbia, Canada.

The scene outside our window this morning at Doran Beach County Campground in
Bodega Bay (Northern California).
I am clear that what is important to me as we move forward with our lives is that I want to enjoy the moment and enjoy the journey, I want to nurture my connection with family and friends, I want to keep growing as a person and I want to maintain my health. Finally, I want to make the most wonderful memories yet with my life partner John and my doggie girl Gingee.

What was life like for you this past week?


  1. Wow! I love that you guys keep re-inventing yourselves. What a great adventure! I think my world will have lost something when you quit the Jazz. I think I am living vicariously through you two. The nomadic lifestyle has always called to me.
    I hope that in your winter wanderings you will be able to come to Mexico to stay with us for awhile! What fun!
    BTW, I also love the gray!

  2. I say you have your priorities straight. I believe your last paragraph says it all. We wish you two the very best luck in your new adventure. God bless you!

  3. Hi.I am fighting the gray hair right now. I have very long hair and the gray is wirey and aggravating. I've never had short hair and would have to make major changes to go all gray. This week, I am working and my new, temporary job in Mesa Verde National Park. I am happy to say that I like the job and the work I am doing, I feel comfortable in the office and my co-workers are all nice. I hope it stays like this throughout the entire busy season that is coming up.

  4. Your hair is going to look great!
    I don't know much about being a snowbird, but I'll watch it all unfold on your blog - with interest!

  5. Sounds like everything is coming together, including the new hairstyle. It looks great! Looking forward to reading about your new adventure! Be safe as you travel & God bless!

  6. Well! A lady's hair is her own buisness, and being married for 47 years I know better than to say a thing! At the risk of being beat about the back and shoulders and being shunned; (I like colored and long hair on the Ladies!) That being said, and probably regretted, in my defense I know from my heart that hair (I have very little and whats left is gray) has very little meaning other than to present yourself to other people. As long as a person is comfortable and likes their projection and it gives them confidence, the choice is theirs and theirs alone! Levonne my friend, I applaud your choice! You project Beauty from in and out!

  7. Your hair coming along nicely. Enjoying the moment and the journey with loved ones has got to be the essence of anything we undertake. And "growing" with new experiences [not to be confused with weight gain :-)) ] is an essential ingredient too.

  8. I agree with June, I'm following your adventure because your lifestyle traveling around in the Jazz in California is something I would love to do some day...I admire how you have tried and been successful at meeting all of the challenges of living on the road...your hair looks very pretty I stopped coloring my hair about 18 months ago to let the gray grow in but left my hair long in the's been "interesting" but finally it's over, so now I'm part gray and the rest is my natural color....I love not having to go to the hairdresser every few weeks to keep up with the gray but lots of people think I should start coloring it ASAP and others, usually younger women who've stopped me when I've been out shopping, tell me that they love that I don't color my hair at my I guess what ever I decide to do is ok ....Enjoy the rest of you trip to Canada

  9. I think with the new adventures ahead, you will once again start taking care of yourselves. It's amazing how quickly we can resort to not taking care of ourselves & really don't even notice it. Or we sometimes do notice, but tomorrow we'll....yea, like that. ;-)

  10. Love it! Good for you. My best friend and I made a pact years ago that we wouldn't color our hair and, at age 54, we have happily kept that vow.

    I recommend this book:

    "Going Gray" by Anna Kreamer. It's the account of her decision (like you) to let the gray grow. The book speaks to self-image and self-respect. I think you'll like it.


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