Thursday, April 12, 2012

A warm cozy bed as rain taps on the Jazz's rooftop...

I woke this morning at first light to the sound of rainfall. Gingee curled at my feet atop the bed covers. Cool freshness blew gently in through the open window. Water droplets formed random patterns on the window pane. How precious was the moment.

With John away working in Northern California, I rose and put on water for a cup of Starbucks VIA extra bold. I gathered my laptop and with coffee in hand returned to Gingee and to my warm bed. While hoping that John would not get too cold or wet as he worked through the day on the inspections of water lines, I pulled the covers over my legs and began my routine of checking email and looking at Facebook to see what may have changed overnight in the lives of those that I visit there.

Before long, I returned to pictures of our recent trip to Death Valley and Valley of Fire. It had been warm and sunny in those places unlike this morning's wet coolness.

Valley of Fire State Park Desert Floor

Valley of Fire State Park 2
My mind turned again to the idea of "contrasts." How the experience of one thing is enhanced by having recently experienced its opposite. How I need contrast in my life to notice and truly appreciate what is before me.

This morning there was the quiet opposed to John's and my usual noisy start of the day. There was the active wetness outside instead of the usual sunshine. There was remaining in bed instead of my usual get up and dressed to begin the routines of feeding Gingee, breakfast preparation and figuring out what must be attended to in the day. Contrast is critical in order to experience moments more intensely.

When something feels out of sync or off balance, I must remember to ask myself what contrast might enhance my experience of the moment. Then, I need to take action. Now, it is time to rise and be in the world.

What significance does contrast play in your life?


  1. What good food for thought, Levonne. I think the reason we like to travel is for contrast and aren't we lucky that this great country offers all that we need.

  2. We contrast our former working life with our new retired life and are very grateful to be so fortunate to be able to do this.

    We don't like seeing you and John apart, hope that something works out soon, keep on believing it will.

  3. light and dark?..sleep when it's dark and get up in the light!
    clean and dirty?..well, you get the idea!..hope you enjoyed your day cuddling with Gingee!..hope John didn't have to work too hard!

  4. I am addicted to travel....and words/photos like yours are my inspiration. Thank you.

  5. I love hearing rain on the roof of my RV. I love after the rain stops and the Sun shines, sometimes rewarding with a view of a Rainbow! Opposites or contrasts keep the senses alive, intensifying this feeling called living which is more than existing!

  6. Great post!! You really hit things spot on!! I hope you enjoyed your rainy morning snuggling with Gingee!!

  7. there is nothing more delightful in my books than awaking to the sound of rain pattering on the MH allows for a good snuggle with a great fur friend in the bed....excellent post my dear...enjoy your day

  8. So nice of you to visit my blog and comment. Thanks.

    May I suggest that you take a good look at sites like Fat Head. Lots of good information and links. The science behind reducing carbohydrate consumption to less than 100gm per day is compelling but does go against USDA so you have to be convinced and brave and break the common mould.

    I discovered this way of eating through Lean For Life, a book written by the daughter of the founder of Lindora Clinics, (California). I don't suggest for one moment you eat the same way as me. I'm not as active as I'd like to be so tend to compensate by eating less.

    One interesting thing. Carbohydrates make me hungry and set up cravings. By limiting what I eat to high quality, nutritious carbohydrates, mostly veggies and some fruit, and not deliberately added sugar, I avoid those cranky cravings.

    I base my meals around protein, lots of meat because that's what I like, eggs dairy and veggies. I don't shy away from fat although I don't like greasy food.

    I don't try to be perfect day after day. I do have the occasional cappuccino with sugar and I have had a few muffins, probably 3 or 4 this year, and a few pieces of cake. I don't panic if I want a sausage and they have wheat in them or are crumbed. I really prefer to make my own, which are more like meat patties without flour or crumbs.

    I still read your blog regularly and wish you and John all the best as you make important changes.

    Your photography inspires me too. Thanks'


  9. It looks like you have an interesting blog in the making, I'm glad you enjoyed mine.
    I hope you enjoy your full-time RV life, I would have liked to try that but Hubby needs roots so we settle for short camping trips in our little Roadtrek.

  10. Isn't rain calming when it softly hits the RV roof? I would have gone back to bed for more snozzzzzing.
    Well that is, once I'm over my fear of leaks!

  11. For us a big contrast has been our last 6 months in Mexico, taking in the relaxed pace that the Mexicans live by and their need for not wanting to have everything and instead just working for what they need and then being able to spend the rest of their time with family. Then a couple of weeks ago visiting Los Vegas for a week and seeing everyone in a rush and just the opulence of the hotels and casinos and people having so much money to spend or waste. We enjoyed our time there but prefer the simply, quiet life here in Mexico.

    Kevin and Ruth


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