Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hit The Road JACK...: I - Independent Contractors

I like this post from Kimberly and Jerry today. It makes me think outside the box of "camp host." Who knows but with some creativity and confidence, John and I could have yet ahead of us some of the greatest RV adventures of our lives!

Hit The Road JACK...: I - Independent Contractors: Many folks that travel full time and work call themselves Workampers ; they even have a website and magazine for it.  We prefer to use the...


  1. We are amazed there are so many possibilities out there. Last Summer, while we workamped in Branson, Alan had the opport to work for Conoco-Phillips. We changed the signs on pumps and placed new credit card applications inside and outside the store. Narms.com, among others, is a good resource for finding temp jobs. We have friends who are currently traveling and renewing ads in local CG's maps/pamphlets they hand out when you register at their CG. And those folks who hand out samples at stores -- the stores do not hire them, companies such as NARMS, etc, hires them -- most make $12+ an hour to hand out samples. The folks who switch out greeting cards -- another example. Like you said, you have to think outside the box!

  2. I believe you might be on to something by checking further into the many opportunities for work camping!

  3. There are a lot of possibilities out there but to get them in the States during the winter is impossible for us as we are Canadians. We have done work camping in Canada during the summer and save up enough during that time that we don't have to work the winters. I would sure like to do some of the work camps for the American National Parks in the winter, there are some amazing parks that we would love to have time to explore.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Beautiful pictures, I like these beautiful compositions eb a place with beautiful rocks, impressive.


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