Saturday, October 4, 2014

You Must Take an RV Trip At Least Once in Your Life!

If you're one of those people that hasn't taken an RV trip, here is my list of why you might want to think about it.

1.  You get to sleep in the same bed each night of the trip even if you visit different parks, towns or cities.
2.  You know that your bed is bed-bug free.
3.  You don't have to go far to take a look up at the stars.
4. It's damn fun to drive a motor home!
5. You will be proud of yourself for towing a trailer successfully!
6.  You can pull over in your RV to take a nap (yes, on your own bed).
7.  You can take your refrigerator with all your favorite things to eat on vacation with you.
8.  You can take your whole family with you (if your RV accommodates them).
9.  You can take a vacation as part of a caravan with other RVers - like say to Mexico.
10. You can have a campfire every night!
11.  You can take your cabin on wheels to busy cities as well as remote natural destinations on the same vacation.
12.  You can camp free at a great many casinos in your RV.
13.  If you like to shop, you can camp in Wal-Mart parking lots overnight for free in your RV (check first though to be sure that any particular store allows this).
14. You don't have to own an RV in order to take an RV vacation. You can rent one! (See this website to locate a rental near you -  See these articles for more information on renting an RV. "Ever Try Renting? and "Ever Thought of Bidding for an RV Rental?"
15.  You can take your pet(s) with you on an RV vacation.
16.  You don't have pay for your extra baggage when you travel in an RV.
17.  Nothing is as much of an adventure as an unplanned road trip in an RV! You have everything you need to be comfortable with you all the time.
18. You can get really close to nature.  You can camp by a lake, the sea, in a forest, or  in the dessert.

There is absolutely nothing like vacationing in your own cabin on wheels. Go ahead. Try it! You'll be glad you did!

Monday, September 8, 2014

YouTube for RVers

YouTube for RVers  Here's a post I wrote about using YouTube to research solutions to problems about your RV lifestyle on YouTube.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Little Trailer With the Big History

The Little Trailer With the Big History

While fulltime RVing several years ago, I was often taken by the sight of a small vintage-looking fiberglass travel trailer that had rounded corners resembling those of a bowler derby. It was usually cream or beige colored and was being towed by a car or small truck. I came to know the little trailers as Bolers.
The climate created by the Great 2008 Recession had spawned an appeal for “small” houses, automobiles and RVs. I was definitely not immune.
The Boler seems to this day to be permanently embedded in my pysche. But why? In an attempt to answer the question for myself, I did some research....(read more)

Meet the Wynns

Meet the Wynns   Jason and Nikki Wynn call themselves perpetual travelers and modern day documentarians. In 2010, at 28 years of age, this couple decided to uproot themselves from their successful urban lives in Dallas, Texas to live more authentically as eco-friendly, full-time RVers.

The Wynns early in their marriage decided that the dream of “boy meets girl, couple gets mortgage payment, 60-hour work weeks, two and a half kids, two weeks of vacation a year and if you survive, retire at 60″ sounded exhausting and wasn’t their version of the American Dream.
Why an RV?  (Click above to read more.)

Monday, February 3, 2014

My new website from the cold north winter...'re invited to drop by for a visit of my new website:
Levonne Gaddy, Camera, Computer & Ink

You're Invited to View My New Website...

To see what I'm up to now, take a look at my new website. I'm launching myself into my sixties up here in the land of maple leaves and comfort tea...