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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day from Gingee...

"I'm one of Canada's newest residents! Like my bandana? Mom and Dad are taking me down to French Creek Marina at dusk to look at the fireworks with them. I actually like going (the noise doesn't scare me)."


  1. Gingee! I LOVE your new bandana, and I hope you are going to be SO happy in your new home. How could you not be. You have two humans who love you and take you to beautiful places! Happy Canada Day to you and your humans!

    I have a friend who is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. His name is Teddy (I call him Little Lord Fauntleroy). Nancy calls him "The Little Dog Gone Wrong" because he loves to wallow in the mud with me when we are together. You and he are so cute you could be in the movies! :)

  2. Gingee Girl will represent her new country well! A fine Ambassador of Canine Beauty!
    Best wishes on Canada Day!

    Gingee looks like she is ready for the party.

  4. Hey Gingee - looking good up there!!!

  5. Happy Canada Day - you're looking good Gingee.

  6. Happy 1st of many happy Canada Day's for everyone! Hope it's not as hot in your part of Canada - we are frying here!

  7. Happy belated Canada Day to you all!..hope you enjoyed your 'first one'!

  8. happy first Canada day here in Canada Folks....hey gingee tuck and lilly send hugs...


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