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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The tides have turned...

Yesterday John, Gingee and I arrived at our new home in Surfside RV Resort. We now own an eighty-seven year membership in this oceanside community along with about 240 other RV-pad owners.

Levonne and Gingee on our first day at Surfside RV Resort, Parksville, B.C., Canada.
(Our RV pad is one site away from the tall tree in the upper left corner of above picture.
Our pad looks out over the Englishman River Estuary, forest, mountains and wide open skies.
We are yards away from the shores of the Georgia Strait part of the Pacific Ocean.)
Our move is just in time for what appears to be the real start of summer in Parksville. The forecast is for two weeks of sunny weather beginning today!

Downtown Parksville (a small city of about 11,000 people) is within walking distance for us now and the Parksville Community Beach Park is next door to the resort. (No more excuses for me about not having great places to walk!)

For the next four months (until we head south for the winter), there is lots of exploring yet to do. In addition to watching a bald eagle fly over this morning, we also enjoyed watching wild deer and rabbits graze near our site.

This buck was with two other deer grazing nearby.

The local rabbits look like a mix between wild and domesticated. They sure are pretty!

I'm looking forward to settling down for a while, getting into some regular routines, sipping comfort tea with new friends and family and taking lots of pictures. We've come a long way in just seventy-one (71) days of being snowbirds. And we thought that paradise was going to exist only in Central Coast California!

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and family. What are/did you do to celebrate the holidays this week?


  1. I'm so jealous--I want to be out west! Have a great 4th Yvonne!

  2. So flad you are feeling more settled. This has been a stressful few months for you.

  3. Massive rainstorms in much of Tucson today, and barely broke 80 degrees. Unusual, but we'll take it! Glad to hear of your adventures... - B.J.

  4. Congratulations on your new digs. Looks beautiful and peaceful.
    My brother and Mike and I are flying to Prague on Friday, for a two week vacation in the "old country". Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. I will try to figure out how to post photos!

  5. Wow, that's a great place. I really like the new "do" now that it has grown out more. I bet Gingee likes her new home too.

  6. 87 years? Is that going to be long enough to unpack and set up on your site? ;c)

  7. Happy 4th of July!! Enjoy the new digs!! Big hugs and loads of love!


  8. your first 4th of July in Canada!..hope that it was a good one!!!

  9. That looks like a beautiful place to settle down. Today I am at my workamping site and the chefs have made b-b-q and lots of goodies for the employees. No fireworks as we are too close to the wildfires.

  10. It looks like you have found an ideal place to stay.

  11. Happy 4th & Happy for you two!

  12. congrats on the new lot...87 years? Then do you have to renew??? welcome to Canada!!!

  13. Surfside is one of our favourite RV spots, we've stayed there several times - it's a great location for sure. Congrats!

  14. You made it! Congratulations and good luck on getting through the mire of paperwork and bureaucracy! Now you can settle in until it's time to renew!

  15. 87 years, huh? That's one long time...
    Can we skype the week of the 15th?? I'm still in San Diego soaking up the cool for another week.

  16. I have nothing but smiles, good thoughts, and best wishes for you both. The 'Jazz' has landed!
    Looking forward to seeing new pics as you explore and settle in to your new surroundings and home!

  17. This is wonderful to see you both in action in the NEW PARADISE...."it" is where you make it g'friend. Carol and I were just talking the other day about coming to visit you. When will you be in our neck of the woods again. I hope I don't miss you.
    Loving you,

  18. Congratulations on finding your new "home" for 87 years. Enjoy it. Wish I was full-timing already.

  19. Looks like a pretty place. I have many cruising friends from Canada and all are like family. You should be very happy there.


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