Friday, July 27, 2012

Peace and Happiness

I'm in love with my surroundings here at Surfside RV Resort in Parksville, B.C.

Parksville, B.C., Canada

Two bald eagles this morning in the eagle tree.
Peace and happiness can be fleeting.

What in your surroundings brings you peace and happiness, even momentarily?


  1. A good bowl of homemade soup. Almost any kind, with a nice slice of fresh homemade bread.

    Food that warms the body and the heart.

  2. That looks like a peaceful and beautiful place to me.

    Right now, in my immediate surroundings, my dog brings me peace & happiness. More particularly, her snoring!

    But in general, being on the water does that for me, which is why we vacation in the Caribbean when we get the time off.

  3. I's so glad you are enjoying the Canadian life. And I've been loving the eagle pictures.

  4. Being out in nature is my joy and solace. Seeing new birds is my excitement!

  5. I love the Bald Eagles! I can't wait to visit! villa

  6. Walking in a forest brings me peace and happiness, even momentarily. hahaha...


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