Monday, July 30, 2012

Huckleberries, Arbutus and Oregon Grape...

John, Gingee and I explored two places this weekend but both included that wonderful wild (and edible) Red Huckleberry.

 Wild edible Red Huckleberries are abundant on Vancouver Island this time of year.
One day to Little Mountain on Vancouver Island, B.C. and the next to Horn Lake,
where John gave Gingee lessons on how to find food should she ever get lost in the wild.

We took this trail to find Huckleberries at Horn Lake.

John taught Gingee how to eat wild Red Huckleberries.

I am amazed at the beauty in these forests on Vancouver Island.

Tree moss.

The wild Oregon Grape.

The beautiful bark of the Arbutus tree.

What beautiful sites did you take in this weekend?


  1. Oh, how I'd love to be out there! It looks so beautiful. Gingee is so lucky to have such loving owners, but I read that huckleberries *may* be toxic to dogs so you may want to check on that.

    I used to give my Lizzie grapes, and only learned later that they were toxic for her. I make sweet potato chips for Jack, as treated, treats, but I read that white potatoes can be lethal.

    When I first started camping alone I bought myself a military whistle that is incredibly loud. I figured if the pups and I got separated on a trail, they'd have a far better chance of hearing it rather than my voice. I wear it on a string around my neck. Lizzie is gone, now, but Jack will still come from wherever he is if he hears two blows on that whistle. They think it's a game.

    Enjoying your blog.

    1. Hi Hobopal! I did a little research and it seems that "Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, huckleberries or raspberries -- all are good for your furry friend for the same reason they're good for humans: free-radical-fighting antioxidants," according to Paw Nation

  2. That looks much cooler than here in Indiana!

  3. Will the red huckleberries still be there in the 1st of September? We will be there about that time.

  4. Sorry Diane. The huckleberries will be all gone by September. Where will you be coming from?


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