Friday, June 29, 2012

Bureaucratic Hell and Rhubarb Custard...

John and I will celebrate at Amrikko's Indian Grill (Parksville, British Columbia) this evening with sister-in-law Sharon for having completed the import/registration/insurance process for our truck and the Jazz. (We must still go through the entire process for our Matrix car.)

The steps involved in the process of getting our vehicles into Canada with us were:

1. Export truck and RV from U.S. (at U.S. border)
2. Import to Canada (at Canada border)
3. Pay tax on vehicles at Canada border
4. Two inspections on truck at two different places
5. One inspection on RV
6. Register truck and RV
7. Insure truck and RV
8. Pay additional tax on RV

Be aware that this is a neat, orderly list. The process was the opposite experience. Barriers existed along the way and felt nightmarish and insane at times. We dealt with three government agencies and four private businesses from beginning to end (not including places we contacted for birth certificates, titles, the missing information label on the truck door, the RV dealer who wrote the letter stating the value of our RV, obtaining the required Canadian drivers' license and our U.S. personal insurance history documents.)

The month and a half of trying to get the vehicles "legal" in Canada was fraught with mistakes, uncaring bureaucrats, entitled business people, poor communication, and payments of taxes or fees at every turn. Needless to say, John and I thought we had entered a migration hell.

Hopefully, the process with the Matrix will go more smoothly.

This week has been very pleasing otherwise. We finalized our deal on our Surfside RV Resort "pad." We walked on the beach many times while enjoying a variety of weather from sunshine and warmth to cold showers and clouds. We spent time with Sharon and enjoyed her Rhubarb Dessert Torte one evening. (Let me know if you want the recipe. It was delicious!)

Sharon and her delicious Rhubarb Dessert Torte.

Parksville Beach boardwalk at mid-week.

Three women enjoying Parksville Beach this week.

Now time to look forward to the Canada Day celebrations this weekend. What are you doing for the upcoming holidays?


  1. Red Tape, it's everywhere! Sorry to see that there are just as many uncaring beaureucrats in Canada as the States. Don't give up, you will conquer them!

    Remember the words of that world famous statesman, Charlie Brown: "How can we lose when we're so sincere?" ;c)

  2. I wonder if it would have been as trying if you had just told them you were going up for a visit and then applied once you were there. I know nothing about immigration but my hubby also has Canadian citizenship and so I watch your trials and tribulations with great interest...just in case :)

    1. Going for a visit wasn't an option when we were being processed in to become residents. They made it clear at the Canadian border that this was not an option (after we told them that the process they outlined was too difficult). Officially I am visiting but that didn't stop us from having to import the vehicles. If both of us had intentions of just visiting (not tapping into benefits like healthcare) then we could have just brought vehicles over. I've already started an immigration process prior to coming up to Canada. That gave me the benefit of being able to come and go as I please over the border.

  3. We will be at Crater Lake in Oregon. It should be fairly cool up by the lake. It will be intereting to see an RV park at Holiday "full."

  4. You and your family deserve that celebration dinner and then to follow up with a Canada Day weekend...that's perfect timing...all the hassle is history, mission accomplished

  5. You know, for two countries that share such a huge border, trade, bla bla bla, we (I'm lumping in both the US and Canada) have the goofiest and most bureaucratic processes for going to and fro. Honestly!
    It just makes me want to spit.
    It's not that much easier for a Canadian wanting (or needing) to work in the States, believe me. We've been there and done that.
    Not sure if it comes down to paranoia, stupidity or both.
    And the problem is, the final say can rest with the flunkies at the border. And both counties have them.
    Here in Europe. It has nothing to do with being at "the border". The "border" is just some place where there used to be a fence and some guys with guns. There's still "customs" for goods that go to an fro, so don't get me wrong. For people though, you go to a proper office, with actual professionals, who actually know what the heck they are doing.
    End of rant.

  6. I'm glad your insane border trials are near the end! The rhubarb custard looks like it's its own reward, though. And that scenery ain't shabby, either.

  7. I must say that you guys have a tremendous amount of patience! I also must say the rhubarb tort looks delicious!
    Looking forward to seeing and reading your posts on the new Resort location. Lots of happenings going on in your lives right now!


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