Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vancouver Island Dreamin'

John and I spent the day driving up to and exploring around Courtenay, British Columbia. It was a nice change of pace from trying to register and insure vehicles.

Parksville is about twenty miles north of Nanaimo. Lots of places to explore this summer.
We made a deal that we were not going to talk about the incredible red tape we've gone through and are currently going through with bringing our vehicles into British Columbia, Canada with us as part of our relocation. There have been exporting and importing processes, taxes to pay, multiple inspections, and now the biggest challenges and costs of all - registering and insuring them. It sounds simple but believe me IT IS NOT.

Oh yes, back to today's drive. John had not explored Courtenay and I've not been there before. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our visit.

Boats docked at Courtaney Slough.

Of course, you can't keep John away from getting a close up of the boats.

And there were lovers in the park enjoying the sun and sky.

Simms Millennium Park bustled with activity.

Courtenay River runs through the city.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. What's up for you this new week?


  1. What a great experience you are having! And I love the picture of the lovers in the park.

  2. I've read at great lengths about the red tape involved with vehicles. Some will profess, "Oh, it's easy." Well, maybe. But if you miss one little thing, yer screwed. At least you didn't get stopped at the border on the way in, so at least you have something to get you around. That's some consolation I suppose.
    The RCMP are stretched too thin and too dim to take notice if you're driving around with out of province (or in your case 'out of country') tags.
    Just keep at it. You'll sort it out.

  3. Vancouver Island is beautiful, I have been there a few years ago, stayed in Tofino.

  4. glad you are enjoying yourselves exploring Vancouver Island!..nice shots of the marina!

  5. Courtenay looks lovely. John can always keep his dream alive by looking.

  6. Great pics on your change of pace weekend. The colorful boats always make for interesting photos. Ah! The young lovers. A glorious time in one's life! Pleasant scenery around Courtenay! Nice weekend indeed!

    1. wonderful pictures...looks like you had a great weekend...good luck with the red tape...!!

  7. Vancouver Island looks will be interesting to see what you think of BC compared to coastal California/USA in a few weeks...


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