Sunday, June 3, 2012

Marionberries, ducklings and here we are...

Today is day 40 of John and I being snowbirds! We have arrived at our destination in Parksville on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Each day is a challenge getting set up on Sharon's (sister-in-law) beautiful property but we're making headway with getting adequate electricity to The Jazz, assembling a sewage disposal process and making ourselves comfortable.

We're in a pretty, private part of Sharon's yard.

Gary, John's brother, was a landscaper and you can see the beauty of his efforts in his
yard even though he has been gone for nearly a year already. 

We have taken time each day to drive around this area where John was a child and a young adult. This is his first chance to re-explore "home" since leaving Canada over two decades ago. I'm loving hearing his stories.

Everywhere we go, we see ducklings, experience the native wild fruits and take in the beauty of the scenery.

Ducklings are everywhere we go.

The edible wild marionberry.

John and Gingee at Skaha Lake in Penticton last week.

Our transition has been and is slow but we continue to remind ourselves that we haven't just switched "states." We're in a new country that has coin dollars, kilometers, meters, litres, different banking systems, more expensive everything it seems. We have to remember to give ourselves a break and to enjoy the journey.

Where are you now?


  1. That spot looks lovely! Looks like you are surrounded by beauty!

  2. Looks like you have landed in a lovely place. I hope you find peace and security in your new life.

  3. Hi Levonne:
    What a beautiful place you are.I am saorry that you have left Penticton....but that is a long story for a phone conversation.

    We just got back from our raft trip in the Grand Canyon. Dan made a short video, which you can see at

    Then I was in Madison and Chicago for nearly a week. Now there are 5 days at home and off to Mexico! I am coming to the point where I want to settle in and sleep for about a week...all in the same place!

    I hope we can talk soon.


  4. we are a ferry ride Coquitlam..enjoy your beautiful spot in Parksville..and welcome to the land of coin dollars,kilometers and liters!!..hope the sun is shining on you!!

  5. Beautiful pics. Sounds like things are beginning to settle down for you. It is very important to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the journey. We only get one chance at this thing called life! God bless!

  6. Echoing the good advice you gave me - remember to have some tea.

  7. looks like a beautiful place to call home!

  8. OMG, what a beautiful place! All those little "differences" will disappear before you know it...especially in a beautiful place like that!

  9. What a beautiful acreage the Jazz has landed on! Sounds like John is glad to be there, kind of like coming home.
    I have all the faith in you two nomads that good things will come from this new location! Just setting up all the hookups is a form of putting down roots from which one can wander from, knowing there is a place called Home to come back to.
    An interesting journey you folks have undertook and your on going story that you share is a life lesson in itself!
    Keep posting those wonderful pics along with your words!

  10. enjoy the journey my dear...looks like a lovely spot...hope you and John are doing well..that gingee is as gorgeous as ever...I'm still sick :( on my 2nd round of heavy duty antibiotics...I should have stayed south...take care my friend...

  11. Looks like a beautiful place to live, even if its temporary.


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