Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goats on the Roof!

Today was sunny in our section of Vancouver Island (British Columbia) so I said "John, let's take a drive out to Coombs. You know to see that store with the goats on the roof."

So off we drove and both of us were very glad that we did. John's comment - "Wow, the business section of Coombs has grown lots over the past twenty five years!"

Here are some of the shots from around Coombs Country Market.

That's right. You can eat lunch out on the patio while the goats watch you as you watch them!
Coombs is only about five or six miles from where we are in Parksville, British Columbia. Today we felt the way we had hoped we'd feel by day fifty of being snowbirds! Relaxed and taking in the scenery.

Where are you this Wednesday and what was your day like?


  1. That's one way of mowing the roof :-))

  2. we have been there too...we stayed at Tigh Na Mara..the resort not far from Coombs!

  3. Yesterday was a real bad day. I was very tense for lots of good reasons. Today is so much better! Looking forwardto our up comingtrip!

  4. Day tripping! A wonderful way to have fun!
    Bright, alive, colors in the wind socks. Bet that kid wishes he had a goat living on his roof at home!

    Light, fun, post and pics.


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