Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paint Away...

A few days ago, sister-in-law Sharon and I went to Milner Gardens in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. It felt like being in a painting to be there strolling through the gardens and having tea.

Milner Gardens in Qualicum, BC

Silk Tree blooms at Milner Gardens

Sharon is just the best sister-in-law.

Fuschias are some of my most flavorite flowers.

And now for the next five days, I’ll be attending an intensive workshop called the Painting Experience with my husband’s cousin Annie.

How fun to be communing with the women in John's family.

What are you doing this week?


  1. Another venue for your artistic talents! Can't wait to see pictures of your paintings. :c)

  2. nice place for a 'spot of tea' with a lovely companion!

  3. Beautiful fuchsias! I have always loved them...and always managed to kill them! Now I just admire from afar :)

  4. We drove by on Sunday and nearly went in - perhaps I'd have seen you!

  5. So glad you went to Milner Gardens, I really like going there. I read about the Painting Experience workshop,I hope you enjoy it. We should get together again, this summer has just flown by.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Enjoy your time with John's family and the whole experience this week.

  7. The first one really looks like a soft painting. I love the vibrant flowers! I see our Canadian lifestyle is nicely agreeing with you. Your lucky, Vancouver is a beautiful spot.


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