Saturday, August 11, 2012

How do you like those oysters?

No kidding, you can find oyster shells this big on the shores of Cortes Island (British Columbia).

See what John picked up the other day?

Oyster shell from Gulf Islands, B.C.

How big was the biggest oyster you've ever eaten?


  1. Holy cow, that's huge! Are you shucking & eating them, too?

  2. That's a nice size for a little "snack". ;c)

  3. When we were in Oregon there were oyster farms on the coast, I guess they would have "wild' oysters there too! But wouldn't you have to dive for them like the Japanese girls do?

  4. I can only imagine the size of the edible part of these large shells. Usually ask for a dozen, but with these maybe six would do. Pass the red sauce and horseradish please!

  5. I used to eat the fried only, my mother and dad used to dig for them and steam them, they loved them raw, steamed or fried. mother made oyster stew several times a month, we lived in Savannah, so they were plentiful. i would eat the soup and not the oyster. i don't eat them in restaurants here in FL because of the oil spills in the gulf.


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