Monday, May 14, 2012

Penticton Here We Are...

Trees are blossoming all around Penticton, B.C., Canada.

Young man this morning fishing off Okanagan Lake (Penticton, B.C.).

Young mother starting her day by the Okanagan Lake (Penticton, B.C.).
We finally made it through Canadian Customs! We arrived in Penticton, British Columbia yesterday afternoon. It's beautiful here and the weather is just terrific.  This morning, John, Gingee and I took a walk along Penticton's main street by the shores of West Okanagan Lake and these were some of the sights we saw.

We're settling in at Park Royal R.V. Resort in the middle of town and by the lake. We still have Customs business to take care of with the vehicles but at least we made it past the border. We're in Canada!! And it's only Day 18 of being snowbirds!

Have you ever traveled in the Penticton, B.C. area?


  1. I am glad you made it across the border and the area looks lovely.

  2. Welcome! I don't know the Penticton area at all, with the exception of Narmatta, the wine area, which I visited years ago. I'm glad the customs business is getting settled - we have such a hassle going the other way every time.

  3. So happy you got the situation taken care of so quickly.
    I could look at flower photos all day!

  4. Welcome to Canada you snowbirds. You too Gingee from Lilly and Tucker.

  5. Hooray, I hear its beautiful there. I have only been in the eastern part of Canada. I hope to travel in western Canada some day, maybe on my way to Alaska.

  6. finally!!..welcome to Canada!..and beautiful BC!!..and yes we have been to Penticton numerous times!!! long are you there for?

  7. Glad to see you made it in without any further problems, so much to go wrong when you get to any countries borders, but it seems Canadians are a friendly lot and welcome us most of the time.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  8. Glad you are in Canada now, it looks very peaceful and sunny there. I think I have once been in this area, the name Okanagan I remember from reading the roadmap.

  9. Glad you made across the border,and you have terrific weather. We've been to Penticton many times, really like the whole Okanogan area.

  10. Replies
    1. Welcome to canada sorry about the border . I have been following your blog for awhile
      Was surprised to see u are in the south ok valley we are in Vernon in the north .
      Welcome to the best valley in the world enjoy
      Rob and lyn


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