Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crossing Over...

We're about 450 miles (750ish kilometers) from John's Dad's in Penticton, B.C. We'll reach his place by the end of the week. We're traveling casually northward through Washington via Yakima and will cross the U.S./Canada border at Osoyoos/Oroville.

We've had to have a brake job done on the truck and had to get new tires on The Jazz over the past week. We're going to run out of money before we get to Canada if this keeps up!!!! Then what kind of snowbird life will we have?!?!

Last evening, we pulled into a funky little Washington county campground along the Columbia River. The sound of freight trains and Highway 14 traffic serenaded us  throughout the evening and night. Ahhh...wonderful transportation! But at least we were in the forest!

Gingee and me last evening at our campground along the Columbia River (Washington).
John and Gingee.
How is the start to your week?


  1. Well! Welcome to Canada! BC is the other side of Canada from me, but oh so beautiful. I hope you enjoy it. Gingee - your looking good!

  2. welcome to Canada!...we have crossed that border many a time!!..hope you enjoy your stay in Penticton!!

  3. Enjoy Penticton, hope you have some great Okanogan weather,while you are there.

  4. What a journey - I hope you continue to have good weather to make up for the truck troubles.

  5. Looks like you are really enjoying your trip North, sans the truck/trailer issues.
    Give Gingee a pat for me and a sniff from Angel.

  6. the three of you are such an easygoing crew!!! enjoy the rest of your time on the road...

    1. Helene, I tried to access your blog but it shows a blank page. Is something wrong with it?


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