Saturday, March 19, 2016

HIT IT! The Road That Is!

My new book is out and I am so excited!!!  HIT IT! The Road That Is!

The book is a resource for RVers and those interested in RVing. Book sections include: Getting Ready for RV travel (especially if you are new to RVing), resources and tips for the road, profiles of fascinating people out there traveling in RVs, places to see, handy RV businesses, recipes for the road and even a section on unusual RVs spotted by the author while traveling. There are hundreds of links to helpful websites, blogs and videos. Color pictures are included to illustrate people, places and things RV.

This is the culmination of three years of writing about RVing! Please pass along to friends and family!  Thanks much.  Levonne  (Can see it on Amazon.)


  1. Hi Levonne! Congratulations on your new book! I have just purchased it since I fit into the RV "wannabe" category. I look forward to reading it and wish you much success!
    Martha Graham-Waldon

    1. Thank you Martha!!! If you like it, please review it on Amazon!


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