Monday, February 22, 2016


I spent quality time in 2015 making art. I didn't make it to sell it. I just made it for fun and to grow as an artist. I'm involved with the same art group this year and enjoying my journey thus far. Here are some of my favorite creations from last year.

monoprint with photoshop elements added

watercolor painting

collage, acrylic paint

drawing and markers

Plexiglas collage

I created blog posts for until recently. I wrote those posts for pay. It was a good discipline to create a new post every week for three years! And it was great to get paid for my work. (I will release a book based on the posts from the past three years - over 150 of them - this spring (2016) called "Hit It! The Road That Is." So stay tuned.)

At the moment, I am writing a TV series called "Utopia." The theme of the series is: "Prejudice is everywhere." Here's the story-line.

"It's 1948. World War II is over. Servicemen have returned home to rebuild their lives. A wealthy land developer named Henry Blackstock decides to build a community of many races where people can live in harmony. He calls his community "Utopia."

So as you can see, my creative life is in full swing. When John and I began our "California Odyssey" over seven years ago, my dream was to live in a community that I would love and to be a full-time writer and doggie mom. Dream fulfilled for certain!  (If you haven't read about our journey, you can still find my book about it on Amazon - "This Restless Life: A Dream Chased Through California Parks in an RV.

What kind of fun things are you doing at the moment? I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. you're artwork is great...each one is different yet they're very similar, I guess showing your style. so nice that you are living your dreams!

  2. You have a beautiful website and artwork, Levonne and that's exciting news about the TV show. Sounds like you keep pretty busy! Very inspiring!
    Martha Graham-Waldon

  3. Your lifestyle is an inspiration to me...I want to find a way to incorporate more creativity and less drudgery into my days! Thank you!

  4. I love all the color you use in your artwork Levonne. It feels fresh and joyful! Weekly blogposts must be challenging. Good for you for building that discipline. Utopia sounds like something I'd love to settle down and bingewatch on Amazon.


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