Monday, November 26, 2012

The Boat...

Many of you will recall John's sailboat project. Remember, he acquired Blue Ribbon at the Moss Landing Harbor auction.
Here's the video I made about his acquisition more than a year ago.
Here are a few pictures showing some of the fabulous work he did on the boat.
Blue Ribbon soon after taking out of water and cleaning off the bottom.

Blue Ribbon after it was all fixed and cleaned up. John worked on the project with another person.
 Well, since we have been away from Blue Ribbon for nearly ten months, John decided he would find a new home for it. He let it go this past weekend to a fellow sailor down in Moss Landing. It broke his heart in many ways but we just couldn't see the sense in holding on to it under the current circumstances of him not getting to use it or work on it.  The plan is to get another boat when we're up in British Columbia. So stay tuned to the next boat adventure!
Have you ever had to let go of a beloved object?


  1. It must have been hard, but it was the best thing. Boats that are not used deteriorate quickly.

    Plus, there is always another boat waiting on the horizon. :c)

  2. there will be another boat you will love just as much in the future...I would think if your away from it for such an extended period of time it would be a worry...hi to gingee from tuck and lill

  3. sure it an object or a dream..sometimes you just have to let things go in the hopes that something else will come your way!

  4. I didn't know you had a ytchannel. I just subbed. Mine is ReignBeauHounds. Ah, kind of bittersweet on the boat. So much beautiful work went into it. That part is hard to let go of, but yes, ya'll will find yourself a beautiful boat again! But wait till spring so you can use it huh?

  5. Sucks to have to sell something like that. It was a challenge for me to finally part with our motorhome a few years back. Had to be done though.

  6. Sorry to hear that you sold the boat. But it has a nice home and someone to care for it. Maybe the next horizon!

  7. I've been told that the two happiest days in a sailor's life are the day he/she buys a boat and the day he/she sells the boat. I have sold two (and both sales brought me to tears) and purchased three. Just the thought of selling "Faith" makes my heart ache so tell John I know his pain. brings us joys unending. When one door closes another opens. He clearly loves boats/sailing. He is clearly going to have another boat! (If all else fails, let me know when you are back in BC. I have several friends up there with boats who would be delighted to take both of you out out for a ride.)


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