Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Restless Life Full of Twisted Feelings

This morning, I gave notice to the staff at Manzanita Park (Prunedale, California) that John and I will leave our live-on volunteer position on April 30th. That gives us a month to prepare for our Canadian journey.

I also wrote to John's eighty-five-year-old dad in Penticton, British Columbia to say that John and I will be arriving in The Jazz for a week-long visit in May.

Next I wrote to John's sister-in-law to say we will be arriving at her home in early June with The Jazz to set up our temporary Canadian home base. (She had already given us permission to stay there.)

Our next adventure is now in motion. Arriving at today's actions were not simple or straight-forward for either John or me. He's become quite attached to spending time at Moss Landing Harbor working on Blue Ribbon. I've been dealing with one internal resistance after another about going to Canada. What will I do when anti-American slams are launched in my direction? Will I be able to see my family and friends in the U.S. often enough? Have we tried long and hard enough to manifest our dream of having a home and meaningful work on the Central California Coast? Will I be able to handle all the cloudy and rainy weather without falling into a deep depressive abyss? These concerns along with about a dozen more take turns rumbling through my mind.

Two significant signs have helped me move along emotionally. First, as I sat in the car waiting for John the other day, I listened to Pandora radio. I like the Pandora feature of being able to read about the artists as we listen to them sing. I've not spent time on Pandora before and waiting in the car seemed like a perfect time to try it all out on my Kindle Fire.

I love Colbie Caillat. So I brought up some of her songs and began reading about her. She's Canadian! I had no idea. Another artist that I am quite excited by is Michael Buble. Again, another Canadian! I was so surprised. Then K.D. Lang came on and I do love her music. I said to myself, 'K.D. Lang is Canadian too!' Immediately I asked myself what the heck I'm worried about when I can go live in a country that produced three of my all-time favorite singers!

The second sign was that my sister-in-law back in North Carolina shared with me this morning that my nephew who has recently finished basic training in the Air Force will be stationed in Alaska at Eielson AFB for two years. I was so excited. If I'm in British Columbia, I'll be Marcus' closest relative! And I have always wanted to explore Alaska! All of a sudden, I felt totally ready to go.

So I didn't delay in writing those notes to everyone to let them know of our plans. It's now official. We're going to explore making a life in British Columbia.

Now maybe I'll get to wear all the scarves I've been knitting lately!


  1. "when one door closes, another opens."

    Do you want to have the word verification on? It is.

  2. Well congratulations on your decision to move to Canada...and WELCOME!! Wish it was closer to us tho on the east coast...:)

  3. It's a big move but if it doesn't work out, there will be other options. You'll do fine. Canada is a wonderful country and as close to America as you can get. Many Canadians enjoy their time here just as you'll enjoy your time there. You'll be able to visit family on both sides of the Border. Change can be exciting and look at all the opportunities for fantastic photographs. Lots of luck to both of you.

  4. British Columbia is a fantastic, beautiful place. You will not be disappointed.

    {please remove the word verification though. My poor eyes have a heck of a time figuring that stuff out!) :)

  5. Good luck on your new adventure.

  6. We wish you the best on your next adventure. ~wheresweaver

  7. congrats on making the huge decision!..and we will say welcome to British Columbia!..only a few more weeks and May will be here..Penticton is a lovely city!!!..two lakes and tons of wineries!!..

  8. Wishing you the best as you embark on your next life-adventure. We made our first life-adventure decision in 1982; then another one in 1991; and the latest one (which will go into effect at the end of the year) in 2010. Despite hurdles to jump along the way, the first two worked out very nicely -- and the challenges along the way helped us become stronger. We're keeping fingers crossed that our latest decision to full-time on the road for a period will work out just as nicely.

  9. Canadians are awesome. I've fantasized about emigrating more than once (2000 and 2004, to get precise about it). Got married in Canada, even, although on the other edge of the continent.

    Best of luck,

  10. I have turned word verification off! Thanks Merikay.

  11. And thanks Gypsy Turtles too for the word verification reminder!

  12. every time I visit your blog (s) you are in the middle of another life-changing adventure!!! this one will be wonderful...about your gray hair, I love the ne cut but it doesn't look like you have too much gray...last year I stopped coloring mine to see how much gray I really have but not being practical like you, I didn't cut it all off so I've been living with getting it cut/trimmed and letting it grow in...my hair is a little below my shoulder and all of the coloring is grown out, tomorrow I'm getting it cut a few inches and deciding to color or stay natural...people (strangers) have told me that I would look a lot younger if I "did something" with my hair and once a young women caught up with me in a whole foods parking lot to thank me for letting my hair go gray!!! happy to hear I'm not the only one...good luck with this next transition, your posts/story is insping hello to gingee from griswald and kya

  13. Hey girlie girl! Does John have Canadian citizenship? If so, can you get duel citizenship because you are married to him? That way you would be a Canadian.....hmmmmm....

    You are going to rock! It is just another opportunity to take your abilities and gifts to another country and help others there.

    Plus, its a great place for us Americans to come visit you!!!

    Have fun!!! I am so proud of you!

  14. If at all possible, stop and see us in Sequim on your journey. The welcome mat is always out! (I don't know how to write under these publish formats. Anonymous was the only thing I could get to work....technically challenged?

  15. It sounds as if you are "good to go" and going. Tamara P. was just asking about you today as we had lunch at Sauce on Campbell. So you are/will be in our thoughts as you move north.

  16. Well Levonne,

    I will miss you terribly! You will always be welcome to park your RV here for all your California visits. Mom is going to call you soon to arrange a visit before you go. I am a little in shock that you have arrived at this decision. I just didn't want to believe it. The flow is going that way though so there must be something to that. Canada is fortunate to have you come exploring and California is a glutton and wants more of you!

    I do wish the best for you and John and Gingee. Whatever that is, will make life happier.

    All my love,

    Carol (California Family)

  17. I've fallen behind on a lot of my blog reading. Good luck with the new adventures. Just think of the amazing photo ops you will have there! Things will work out find & you'll still have The Jazz to roll across the border if you feel a need to do so from time to time.


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